VMware Cloud Software

VMware cloud solutions improve eBusiness efficiency, agility and reliability, while helping eBusiness drive innovation. VMware delivers everything eBusiness needs to build, operate, staff, and manage your cloud, while continuously quantifying its impact. VMware helps customers evolve technical foundations, organizational models, operational processes and financial measures to establish both a cloud infrastructure and cloud operations model that delivers the greatest benefit from cloud computing.

Building on the foundation of vSphere virtualization, VMware vCloud Suite abstracts, pools, and automates all eBusiness services to deliver an elastic, easy-to-manage Software-Defined Datacenter.

    VMware Hypervisor Free Edition

    VMware Hypervisor Free Edition   $0.00 / Month   

    VMware Hypervisor vSphere ESXi Free Edition.
    This free edition does not support centralized management via VMware vCenter, HA, and live migration of virtual machines.
    ESXi Free Edition does not support physical RAMs over 32GB in host machines.
    Learn More

    VMware vCenter Server Software

    VMware vCenter Server Software   $199.00 / Month   

    Dedicated VMware vCenter Server software with full administrative access;
    Support Unlimited hosts;
    This software license covers only vCenter server license. VMware host licenses will be billed separately according to the VMware host vRAM pricing model;
    This VMware vCenter server is required to allow Cybercon's vCloud Usage Meter access at all time for VMware host software license tracking and billing. Learn More

    VMware vSphere Host Software 8GB vRAM

    VMware vSphere Host Software 8GB vRAM   $48.00 / Month   

    This is a VMware vSphere hypervisor host software license priced via vRAM pricing model;
    vRAM is measured as RAM allocated to Virtual Machines;
    vRAM usage is measured by the VMware vCloud Usage Meter software;
    Customer must have vCenter server software purchased from Cybercon. Learn More

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