Private Cloud Computing FAQs

Q: Why public cloud is not suitable for everyone?
Public clouds are highly standardized, allow limited customization, and their respective resources can be oversubscribed and massively shared. In the public cloud, applications and data run on the same shared public pool of resources – available to anyone with the swipe of a credit card. This type of environment is well-suited for certain applications such as test & development, mobility & social media, as well as some email, file sharing & collaboration systems. But when security and compliance matters, when workloads and applications are mission-critical, or when hands-on expertise is needed to tailor, migrate and optimize your environment – a private cloud computing solution is best.

Q: What is a private cloud?
A private cloud is a cloud computing platform dedicated to your organization. Cybercon data center hosted private cloud provides you the freedom to choose: network routers and switches, firewalls, server hardware, storage systems, and cloud computing software. Our solutions are built to give you the power to construct and manage clouds across your internal data centers and Cybercon data center — on terms that you control. That means you can keep a handle on compliance, security, and costs. And you can let your business needs drive your IT strategy, instead of having IT limit your options.

Cybercon's private cloud computing service provides data center infrastructure, cloud computing hardware and software, and 24x7x365 live onsite tech support.

Q: How fast can you replace a failed hardware on a private cloud?
Private cloud can be built with complete redundancy and automatic failover: redundant Internet uplinks, redundant stackable switches, redundant firewalls with HA, redundant server hosts, redundant storage systems, and cloud computing software that support high availability and fault tolerant. For Cybercon managed hardware for your private cloud, we offer One Hour Hardware Replacement Guarantee! In the event of a hardware failure, Cybercon will repair or replace the failed parts or servers within one hour - 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Q: What power options do you offer to your private cloud customers?
We offer both 120 Volt and 208 Volt power sources to our private cloud hosting customers. We also offer dual power sources (A/B Power Sources) which are from two separate PDUs, two separate UPSes, two separate power generators with two separate ATSes, and two separate utility grids.

Q: How do you calculate the 95th percentile bandwidth usage?  
 For private cloud computing server farms we use the industry standard 95th percentile method to measure the bandwidth. The statistics are derived by taking a sample of the customer  traffic every 5 minutes on the input and output bits sent and received on the  customer's Cybercon Internet connection. These statistics are then aggregated over a  monthly period where the top 5% of the traffic is discarded to arrive at the  95th bandwidth usage measured by mbps.