Server Load Balancing

What happens if one of your servers fail? This is no longer a disaster, as load balancing can also provide high availability by automatically detecting the failure of a server and redirecting user activity among the remaining servers within seconds. Once the server is responsive, it can again share in the work load. Your users will be provided with continuous service, never knowing about a server failure should it happen. In the same manner, load balancing will allow a system administrators to take down servers and perform system maintenance without interruption of services.

KEMP Technologies Network Server Load Balancers and Application Delivery Controllers

Finally there is an application delivery optimization solution that combines performance with affordability. KEMP Technologies - a leading provider of Server Load Balancers and Application Delivery Controllers since 2000 - offers a full suite of cost-effective, purpose-built products to meet your web and application traffic management needs.

F5 BIG-IP Traffic Manager

The BIG-IP product family is a system of integrated application delivery services that work together on the same best-in-class hardware. From load balancing, SSL offload, and web acceleration to network security, application security, access control, and much more, the BIG-IP system creates an agile infrastructure to ensure your applications are always fast, secure, and available.