Disaster Recovery Services

The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 have taught many businesses one thing: prepare for the unexpected. Companies must take steps to make their businesses less dependent on a single office or data infrastructure. Consider implementing technologies that can quickly duplicate company data at a remote location. Gartner Research predicts that two out of five enterprises that experience a disaster the magnitude of the World Trade Center attack will go out of business within five years. Therefore, it is more important than ever to either build a redundant IT facility, or select an IT outsourcing service provider for disaster recovery.

Traditional implementation of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning are rather complex and extremely expensive. That is why many small to medium size companies do not have a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan in place. Fortunately, new Internet technologies are reducing the cost and complexity of implementing the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans. For a few hundred dollars a month, your mission critical data can be replicated to a secure, remote data center in real time. None of your data will be lost when a disaster hits your primary IT facility. For a few thousand dollars a month, you can mirror your mission-critical IT systems at a remote data center (a hot-site). When your primary IT facility goes down, you can switch your IT systems to the mirrored site in a few minutes or less. With Internet DNS technology, you can even make the fail over to the mirror site transparent to end-users. End users will not need to make any changes or feel any impact on their productivity when a disaster hits. Internet VPN technology makes data transfer to a remote site secure and is HIPPA compliant.

We offer four levels of disaster recovery services depending on your desired recovery time.

Virtual Servers: Vitual server images based on VMWare, XEN and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization technology can be hosted at Cybercon data center. These virtual servers can be uploaded, activated, updated 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We can handle virtual server farms from a few virtual servers to thousands of virtual servers.

Hot-Site: A mirror's system of customer production eBusiness or IT system will be located at Cybercon's data center. System hardware is provided by either the customer or Cybercon and data is frequently synchronized via a network using a choice of industry leading data synchronization and replication software. When customer's production system goes down, services will be switch to the mirrored site in a few minutes or less. This service is designed for businesses that can not tolerate any downtime in their mission-critical environments. Additional benefits to have a Hot-Site are: Testing upgrades, patches, new setups at the backup Hot-Site before you apply them to your live production eBusiness or IT system.

Cold-Site: Customer will provide a list of hardware needed to run its mission critical eBusiness or IT system. Cybercon will have such hardware ready immediately upon customer's declaration of a disaster. We keep customer specified servers and network equipment in our data center. Customer redundant systems can be powered up and activated within minutes of notices. We work 24x7x365!

Online Data Storage: Critical data (databases, server images, ... etc) is replicated or backed up to Cybercon backup storage systems. Customer systems are restored from such backup data to hardware that will be purchased by customer and delivered to Cybercon's data center upon declaration of a disaster.

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