Data Storage Solutions

Your data is the lifeblood of your ebusiness. Effective data storage and backup procedures are imperative in order to keep your business alive. We can provide you with the infrastructure, security, scalability and management services to ensure the highest level of data protection. We are dedicated to provide the most comprehensive Data Storage and Management Services to meet the demands of your business.

Cybercon data storage solutions include most reliable brand names that you can trust: NetApp Storage Systems, EMC Storage Systems, Dell EqualLogic Storage Systems, and Cybercon in-house built FA storage systems.

    Shared  SAN Storage Space SAS/FC

    Shared SAN Storage Space SAS/FC   $76.00 / Month   

    Shared Enterprise Quality SAN Storage Space: 1TB;
    Dual Controllers;
    SAS/FC Hard Drives;
    RAID protection with dual parity disks plus two additional hot spare disks;
    All storage volumes are mirrored to another SAN storage system;
    Dedicated VLAN for each customer;
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    Dedicated NetApp Storage System SC

    Dedicated NetApp Storage System SC   $999.00 / Month   

    Dedicated NetApp Storage System;
    Single Controller;
    12 x 300 SAS Hard Drives;
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