Data Center Power

Our Data Center building is served by two ultra-reliable underground grids configured in a spot network that allows any one grid to drop without interruption to the building power supply.

Unlike some providers, we don't rely solely on the local power grid to guarantee around-the-clock power. Our onsite diesel-powered generators and uninterruptible power systems (UPS) deliver redundant power if a critical incident occurs. Separate power generators are connected to separate power grids to provide redundant power protections. We maintain uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) that insure against short-term interruptions of power and also regulate the quality of power so that all equipment receives constant line voltage. We regularly test our infrastructure to make sure it performs as designed in the event of an emergency. And we back it all up with our 100% Power Service Level Agreement (SLA) and 100% Network Uptime SLA.

Key Features

  • Redundant ultra-reliable underground power grid feeds from the electric utility company Ameren UE;
  • Redundant diesel generators with priority refueling contracts in place;
  • Four industry leading MGE UPS's;
  • Parallel power protection with two independent ATS's.