Colocation Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

Q: For the single server colocation, what is the server shape and size limit?
For our standard colocation package, the server can be a rack mountable server or a tower server. It should be 4U or less on a standard 19 inches rack. For our silver colocation package or higher, the server should be a rack mountable server whose size is 4U or less.

Q: How much bandwidth do I get for a colocation server?
The bandwidth you get is based on the service plan you selected. The bandwidth amount is specified in your colocation hosting packages. We offer unmetered bandwidth so you won't get a surprise bandwidth bill. Here is how you convert port size measured in mbps to total monthly data transfer measured in GB:

1mbps = 1 megabit per second
      = 60 megabits per minutes (1 minutes = 60 seconds)
      = 3600 megabits per hour (1 hour = 60 minutes)
      = 86400 megabits per day (1 day = 24 hours)
      = 2592000 megabits per month (1 month = 30 days)
      = 324000 megabytes per month (1 byte = 8 bits)
      = 324 gegabytes per month (1 gegabyte = 1000 megabytes roughly) 
      = 324 GBs per month ( GB = GigaByte )

For example 10mbps bandwidth may get you 3240 GBs of Monthly Data Transfer each month; A typical text based webpage is about 10,000 bytes. So 1GB is about 100,000 pageviews. 3240 GBs is about 324 millions pageviews per month. You get less pageviews if your website is heavy in images or videos.

Q: How do you calculate the 95th percentile bandwidth usage?
For server farm packages we use the industry standard 95th percentile method to measure the bandwidth. The statistics are derived by taking a sample of the customer traffic every 5 minutes on the input and output bits sent and received on the customer's Cybercon connection. These statistics are then aggregated over a monthly period where the top 5% of the traffic is discarded to arrive at the 95th bandwidth usage.

Q: What power options do you offer to your colocation customers?
We offer both 120 Volt and 208 Volt power sources to our colocation hosting customers. We also offer dual power sources (A/B Power Sources) which are from two separate PDUs, two separate UPSes, and two separate power generators.

Q: Can we order our own telecom lines? What telecom carriers are in your building?
Yes, you can order your own telecom lines. Our  building is the largest telecom facility in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. The  following telecom carriers are in our building: ATT, Verizon/MCI, Qwest, Level  3, XO Communication, and McLeod USA.

Q: Do you offer roof top space for wireless devices?
Yes, we do offer root top space for rental. Our 18-floor building is located at the center of downtown St.  Louis. It is an ideal place for wireless carriers to colocate their equipment  and antennas.

Q: Do you have a second data center for backup servers or disaster recovery?
Yes, we have two St Louis Data Centers.

Q: Do you offer loaner servers during service transfer?
Yes, we do offer loaner servers to help new customers transfer from their old provider to us. So there is less service downtime when you transfer your colocation hosting services to Cybercon.

Q: Do you have servers and server parts in stock to replace failed hardware?
We keep a large inventory of x86 servers and parts on-site at our Data Center. In the event of your colocation server failures, you can buy or loan servers or parts from us. Cybercon can repair or replace the failed equipment immediately - 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Got questions? Please contact us via our Sales Inquiry Form for colocation hosting or call us toll free at 1.800.932.2354 (International: 1.314.621.9991). We're here for you 24 hours a day.