Custom Build VMware Dedicated Servers

We can build a dedicated VMware server to your specifications. Please select your desired hardware and software specifications.

  • Hardware:
    • CPU:
    • Memory:
    • Hard Disk(s):
       SAS Hard Disk 500GB 7.2K RPM
       SAS/SCSI Hard Disk 146GB 10K/15K RPM
       SAS/SCSI Hard Disk 300GB 10K/15K RPM
       SAS Hard Disk 1TB 7.2K RPM
       SAS/SCSI Hard Disk 450GB 10K/15K RPM
       SAS/SCSI Hard Disk 600GB 10K/15K RPM

    • RAID Controllers: 
    •  Intel 10/100Mb Network Card
    •  Intel 10/100/1000mbps TX Network Card 


  • Software:
    • Operation System: 


  • Bandwidth:
    • 2000GB Data Transfer Per Month 


  • IP Addresses:

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